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What to wear a leather dress

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A leather dress is a unique thing that does not have to be in every wardrobe of a woman. This is one of the most extravagant outfits that gives its owner sexuality and aggressiveness at the same time.  Unlike past fashion seasons, in which leather accessories were quite widely used, this season the time has come for bold images. The novelties of this season are completely far from the images of rockers, which are inherent in leather things.

In order to wear a leather dress, you need to know a number of unspoken rules that are intended to improve the image and not spoil with extra additions. First of all, we must remember that the skin is a material that looks bright and attracts attention, so you should not overload your image with accessories.

If you still have an exclusive leather dress in your wardrobe, you just need to purchase a small clutch for it. It is desirable that this be a quality item, since this particular accessory will complement and emphasize your dress. It must be remembered that the clutch should differ from your outfit in style, that is, if your dress contains rhinestones or decorative stones, then the clutch should be in monotonous colors without any additions. Only in this case you will look according to all the rules of style.

Choosing shoes for such an outfit is not difficult. Here, as always, a hairpin or platform is welcome. It is the high heel that will blend perfectly with the skin, as if giving femininity and sexuality. Naturally, it is necessary to adhere to the color scheme.

Also, the image can be supplemented with a small hat, this will give a vintage look of the 50s. But here, too, one should not forget about moderation. You should not wear a huge hat with wide brim, against its background the whole image will be lost. As mentioned earlier, all additions should only emphasize the dress, and not interrupt it.

If your dress is open or with short sleeves, then it can be added with a light solid color bolero in the same color scheme as your dress, which will not allow you to freeze, but at the same time will not overshadow the image as a whole.

Accessories for this outfit you can choose at your discretion. You can combine as you like, the only “but” in this paragraph is that your jewelry should be in tone with your dress, and what size and shape they are does not matter. For an open dress, a string of pearls is very suitable. If you do not use any chains, then in this case you can wear massive earrings that emphasize your neck. You can complement the image with a wide bracelet, but it should look noble on your hand, giving you more femininity.

Every woman can afford a leather dress. It will give her self-confidence and you should not pay attention to envious looks. The uniqueness of your image will guarantee that you will be in the spotlight.

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