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We paint the ceiling correctly

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There are many ways to finish ceilings. Among them are stretch, suspended, fabric ceilings, wallpapering, but the most traditional is painting, which has its pros and cons. About this, as well as about the correct technology for painting the ceiling – in this article.

The main advantage of painting the ceiling is that it allows you to maintain the existing height, which is impossible when using stretch and suspended ceilings and is especially important for low rooms.

On the other hand, painting will require preliminary surface preparation, since all ceiling defects, bumps and cracks will be perfectly visible. In addition, such a ceiling finish is an occupation accompanied by a lot of pollution. That is why the decoration of the premises begins from above – from the ceiling – so that splashes and drips of paint do not spoil the new wallpaper or floor.

An important role in painting is the quality of the paint and the selected tool. Velor or foam rollers absorb a large amount of paint, which is fraught with the appearance of bubbles on the painted surface, so it is recommended to use rollers with long pile. This tool can be used on both rough and uneven surfaces. The quality of the roller is checked by compression – a really good tool will not be deformed after that. In addition, there should be no seams on the surface of the roller, as they can cause visible streaks.

How to paint the ceiling? First of all, you need to prepare the surface. First, they remove the old paint or whitewash, clean the ceiling of dust and level the existing cracks with putty. After that, the ceiling must be primed so that the paint does not subsequently peel off and crumble. If there are dark stains, they are tinted and allowed to dry.

Work begins from the far corners, while the roller should pass 3-5 centimeters from the corner. The remaining strip is tinted with a wide painting brush and continued to work throughout the area of ​​the room.

Remember that before painting the ceiling you need to either remove furniture from the room, or close it with a special film.

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