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Construction of baths in the city of Bytom

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For example, at the Šomberki mine there is a department that coordinates the work of. Bytom by the Szomberki, Dimitrov and Rozbark mines. Similar departments exist in the cities of Katowice, Soskovets and others. The task of these departments is to compile and link the promising mining plans under settlements and industrial structures, coordination of mining work carried out by several mines, calculations of deformations of the earth’s surface under the developed structures, the issuance of the initial data to design organizations to develop measures to protect the operated and newly designed buildings, control over the implementation of protection measures and the necessary instrumental observations.

As shown above, in the Upper Silesian Basin, a number of metallurgical plants have been added. Metallurgical plants, as a rule, are undermined with partial excavation. Under one of the metallurgical plants, a 10 m thick seam was mined in three layers at a depth of 300-540 m. In the area of ​​coke batteries, subsidence reached 200-300 mm; for 1956-1966. horizontal deformations of the earth’s surface reached 1 mm; on the site of the plant, the subsidence was 200-300 mm, horizontal deformations were 1.5-2 mm7m. There were no difficulties in the work of the plant.

Approximately similar conditions for part-time work and other metallurgical plants. For example, when mining the Pokui plant, two seams are mined: seam 507 (thickness 4.5 m, depth 300 m) and seam 510 (thickness 10 m, depth 350 m). Coal is also removed in strips, leaving 50% of the coal. The maximum subsidence reaches 50 cm.

The experience of parting cities and villages, for example, g, is of great interest. Bytom. In the safety pillar under g. Bytom with a population of 200 thousand. people are 170 million. tons of coal. Rear sight development started in 1949. To date, three mines – Schomberki, Dimitrov, Rozbark have already worked out 22 million. t. Six seams with a total thickness of 20 to 24 m at a depth of 120-860 m, dip angle of 1-40° are being developed with hydraulic backfilling of the goaf. Seam thickness 1.5-8 m. The part-time work is complicated by the fact that two zinc-lead mines operate in the city area, operating with a hardening backfill.

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