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The best selection of sushi in Almaty

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Sushi has been trending for a long time. What is the secret of the popularity of this dish? How and where did it originate? Benefits, harms and calories – everything you need to know about sushi gourmets will find in this article.

History of appearance and preparation

Sushi, which many consider to be a traditional Japanese dish, in fact, is not. Asia, China, and only then Japan – this is the route of their distribution. It was in the land of the rising sun that perfection was achieved in their preparation, therefore, for modern gourmets and culinary specialists, the creations of the Japanese are at the top of the pedestal.

Several centuries ago, the technology for making sushi was significantly different from what we are used to today. Caught fresh fish was butchered and sprinkled with salt was placed under the press. After being removed from the oppression, the fish were simply left to roam for a few more months.

A revolution in cooking technology occurred in the 17th century – then rice vinegar was invented. Adding it to sushi disinfected the fish and allowed it to stay fresh longer. They stopped leaving fish to ferment, and in order to protect against poisoning, wasabi and ginger sauces were additionally used.

World distribution history

In its modern form, sushi became known to the world in the 19th century. It was then that restaurants began to decorate this dish using rice, a piece of raw fish (or other seafood) and wasabi sauce.

In the 20th century in America, a real cult was made from sushi. They began to add vegetables, red caviar and other ingredients to rice, which suggested fantasy. It was from the USA that sushi began its victorious march around the world. But still, it is the masters from Japan that are traditionally considered the best specialists in the preparation of this dish. Cooking sushi correctly and tasty is in their blood.

In Almaty, professional chefs of Japanese cuisine work at Pizza Sushi Man. On the Almaty sushi website, you can place an order for pizza, sushi and other popular dishes and products around the clock. Customers will be offered not only a large selection of the freshest sushi, but also the best combinations of flavors if desired.

Benefits, harms and calories

What is useful in sushi:

Fish is an easily digestible high-quality protein. It also contains fatty acids, which play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Rice – healthy carbohydrates, fiber.

Nori algae – a storehouse of minerals and vitamins. They not only lower blood cholesterol, but also prevent the development of atherosclerosis and even cancer.

The calorie content of sushi is about 130 kC per 100 g, while the fat content is only 3-4 g.

Possible harm to sushi is associated with larvae and bacteria that can be found in raw fish. It is easy to guarantee your safety in this regard: you just need to order a dish in restaurants and large fast food establishments, where health checks are regularly carried out.

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