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Shoes make a woman a woman

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Shoes have a truly magical effect on a woman. This is a cure for the blues, (and it’s not worth saving on medicines), shoes are a sensitive indicator of the owner’s taste, an indicator of her status and wealth. To feel happy, a lady always needs one more pair of shoes than she already has.

When choosing shoes for the winter, you have to take into account two main criteria – beauty and practicality. These qualities are inherent in classic models of boots. High smooth tops, low stable heels, traditional colors – black, brown, red – these are the distinguishing features of classic European models made of genuine leather. These boots will look organically with a strict office suit, and with an elegant coat or fur coat, and while driving a car.

Many ladies cannot imagine themselves without high heels. Winter for this type of women’s shoes, from the online store Kedoff.net, not a hindrance. Gorgeous stiletto boots or ankle boots decorated with fur, rhinestones, cords are offered in a large assortment.

Not so long ago, uggs were considered a trendy novelty, now they have moved into the category of popular and comfortable women’s boots. Elegance is not their main advantage, just legs in them – like on the stove, and if it’s not very cold, then you can “dive” into uggs without socks. Perhaps their main drawback is hygroscopicity. A wave of popularity takes boots to new heights. From practical, utilitarian shoes, felt boots have turned into works of art. Graceful boots made of felted wool “acquired” a rubber sole, “decorated” with cords and ribbons, embroidery and appliqué – everything that fashionistas of all ages really like.

Young beauties can choose a pair of grunge or casual boots, and thus emphasize their bright personality. Boots in men’s style are still as popular as they were last season. Thick rough soles, rivets and buckles are very appropriate with jeans, tweed trousers, skirts and parka jackets. For slippery streets, this shoe is perhaps indispensable.

Given the fickle, changeable nature of our winter, it is impossible to choose one, universal pair of women’s shoes. To force puddles with wet snow porridge, you need boots with thick soles and a fabric waterproof coating. In case of severe frosts, ugg boots or felt boots will come in handy, and you can walk on dry asphalt in 12-centimeter heels.

The sizes of winter women’s shoes are from 36 (even 35) to 41, so it will not be difficult for owners of legs, like Cinderella, and ladies of magnificent “Kustodia” forms to choose their favorite pair.

The choice of shoes for winter is a matter of taste and preferences of the woman herself. Only one criterion must be unchanged. Buy only quality shoes. To paraphrase the great Marlene Dietrich, it’s better to buy one pair of good shoes than three pairs of bad ones.

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