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Rehabilitating after a stroke

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Rehabilitating after a stroke

Stroke is one of the most dangerous cerebrovascular diseases. During its course, the central nervous system is affected, that is, a hemorrhage occurs in the brain.

Stroke is of two types:

Hemorrhagic. During it, the walls of the blood vessel are torn, due to which there is a violation of normal blood flow. Blood begins to enter the brain, which leads to its destruction.

Ischemic. When it stops the blood supply to the brain due to blockage of the vessel, which occurs due to the formation of a blood clot or atherosclerosis.

Causes of stroke

The causes of stroke can vary.  But above all, the development of this disease is affected by negative emotions and stress. So, as a result of constantly experiencing negative emotions, you earn chronic stress. Stress raises blood pressure, heart rate. All this contributes to an increase in the load on the heart. Then the structure of the vessels changes, atherosclerosis occurs.

Risk factors for developing a stroke include:

Socio-economic conditions – financial situation, living conditions, availability of medical care, etc.d.

Environmental conditions.

Family conditions.

But it is worth noting that the presence of risk factors does not mean that you will get a stroke.

Consequences of a stroke

The most popular consequences of a stroke include paralysis or weakening of certain muscle groups. Often part of the body is affected. In addition, after a stroke, you may experience:

Swallowing disorder. This can cause food to go down the windpipe instead of the esophagus.

Asphasia – impaired perception of reading, speech, writing, difficulty with pronunciation.

Deterioration of memory, decrease in the ability to think logically, process, perceive information.

vision disorder.

Difficulties with the perception of the surrounding world.

Urination and defecation disorders.

Violation of the pain threshold.

Epilepsy and many other diseases.

How is rehabilitation after a stroke

Rehabilitation after a stroke involves the fact that a person has to reacquire lost skills (performing complex actions, coordinating movement, etc.). P.).

Rehabilitation experts put together a course of a rehabilitation program for a person, which includes a repetition of practical exercises that people use when mastering something new. Rehabilitation should begin as early as in the emergency room when the person’s condition has returned to normal. You need to resort to it a day or two after a stroke.  Depending on various factors, rehabilitation may begin with just sitting in a chair. Rehabilitators help people return to a full life. Therefore, you should not self-medicate and entrust your health to qualified specialists.

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