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Parka: novelties of the season

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In ancient times, the peoples of the north perfectly mastered the skills of sewing warm outerwear, the robes they created reliably protected from wind and frost. Most likely, the winter jackets of the Eskimos became the prototypes of modern and incredibly fashionable parks this season.

In the process of “evolution” and modernization, thanks to modern technologies and materials, parkas have become much lighter and more comfortable. But the main concept – the length and the presence of a hood still remained unchanged.

Very warm, practical and functional parkas have become part of the ammunition of the US Air Force pilots. But since quite often comfortable things that are part of the uniform of the military or the equipment of athletes “move” into the wardrobes of civilians, the park did not escape the same fate.

Due to their excellent performance, jackets of this type have spread everywhere. This is a great type of winter clothing, putting on which you can almost tightly clog up, leaving “on the street” only the nose and space for review.

New collections of famous brands offer a wide variety of parks, the military background of which still left its mark. The color scheme, characteristic of the military stylistic direction, is widely used in the production of parkas. Khaki, marsh, protective, green, these are the colors that are most relevant.

For customers who love the comfortable jacket model, designers offer a novelty of the season – spring-summer parkas. They have not lost their volume, stylistic orientation and functionality, they just became much lighter and more compact, and the hood was left without fur.

Initially, the parka was considered exclusively a winter type of clothing, but the designers decided that a light parka also has a right to exist. Indeed, lightweight models of such jackets look no worse than insulated ones.

True, not all brands can present a decent assortment of both parks, but some cope with the task “excellently”, among them is the Fred Perry trademark. The excellent quality of things and the extraordinary style of the clothes produced are one of the features of the brand.

The Fred Perry parka is the best option: excellent quality, comfortable wear, discreet colors and unique style set it apart from many similar products. In the collections of the brand you can find men’s and female models of jackets, including their facilitated options.

Now the park can be attributed to the type of outerwear, most actively used by youth. But many representatives and older generation, assessing the convenience and practicality of the style, acquire such models of winter jackets.

The parks are great for everyday socks, keep warm well and protect against fierce winter frosts, this is the most practical and functional appearance of outer winter clothes.

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