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Longitudinal axes UkrInvestBud

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The objects of site No. 1, located in the north-eastern part of the factory territory, were subjected to the greatest influence of underworking. Observations made it possible to establish the following maximum deformations of the earth’s surface in this area: subsidence – 200 mm, slopes – 2.5 mm, horizontal deformations – 2 mm (with a distance between the benchmarks of 15 m), ledges – 3.5 cm. In the area of ​​the coke oven batteries of this section, the deformations of the earth’s surface amounted to: subsidence – 80 mm, slopes – 0.8 mm, horizontal deformations – 1 mm. The territory of the plant, as already noted, was exposed to deformations of the earth’s surface even before the start of observations. Calculations have established that the maximum deformations of the earth’s surface that were in effect before the start of observations (from 1949 to 1965.), were: subsidence – 420 mm, slopes – 1.6 mm, horizontal deformations – 3.6 mm, ledges – up to 4-5 cm. It should be borne in mind that the issue of determining the total deformations of the earth’s surface acting for a long time on structures, in this case, the structures of a coke, metallurgical and cement plants, has not yet been studied enough. It is especially difficult to identify their influence in cases where structures were reconstructed during the underworking period.

Longitudinal axes of coke oven batteries No. 1-4 with a coal tower and the main building of coal washing No. 1 with a disintegrator compartment are located at an angle of 45° to the direction of action of earth surface deformations. The deviation of the longitudinal axes of other objects from the direction of action of the deformations of the earth’s surface is no more than 15°.

During the underworking of the plant, uneven subsidence of the coke pusher paths for batteries No. 2 and 4 up to 40 mm was observed. The related malfunctions in the operation of the coke pusher were eliminated by the current repair. In general, there were no significant complications in the work of the plant, the plant worked smoothly. The cost of repair and restoration work amounted to about 600 thousand. rub.

metallurgical plant. The territory of the plant covers an area of ​​more than 300 hectares and is adjacent to the coke plant from the side of the fall of the seams.

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