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How to choose the right fireplace accessories

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This article will be of interest to the happy owners of a traditional wood-burning fireplace with an open source of fire, as well as to all those who plan to acquire a cozy home in the foreseeable future, where the bright flame of the hearth will blaze on chilly evenings, warming the family and welcome guests. We will talk about fireplace accessories – accessories and devices that are necessary for safe operation and rational care of the fireplace. Let’s talk about how to choose the right accessories for the fireplace, what nuances to consider, what properties to pay attention to.

First of all, you need to take care of the choice of devices for servicing the fireplace and caring for it. You will need: tongs for grabbing coals and logs, a brush and a scoop for cleaning up ash, a poker for stirring coals. As a rule, these items are included in the fireplace set (serviter). When choosing a set, pay attention to the shape of the accessories and the material from which they are made. The poker and tongs must be long enough to avoid the risk of burns during their use. The bristles on the brush must not be flammable. Also consider the design of the handle: it should be comfortable and comfortable to lie in your hand.

Today, among the many different options, it is possible to choose and buy a fireplace set made of brass, bronze, steel. These metal alloys are the most optimal materials for the manufacture of fireplace accessories, as they are very strong, wear-resistant, durable. But at the same time, unlike, for example, cast-iron accessories, they are not heavy, they are comfortable to hold in your hand and easy to perform the required manipulations.

If you buy a luxurious fireplace set made of brass or bronze, decorated with patination or artificially aged fragments, decorated with a thin layer of noble silver or hand-forged filigree elements, then such a device can be considered not only from a utilitarian point of view. Skillfully made serviter will become an exquisite and stylish addition to the interior of the room, which has a living source of fire.

Another device necessary for the safe operation of the fireplace is a fireplace screen. It is necessary in order to protect the nearest space from dancing sparks and coals. The fireplace screen is a brass, steel or bronze frame that connects several sections made of metal mesh with small cells or heat-resistant glass. The structure is mobile. When choosing a screen for a fireplace, in addition to the materials used for its manufacture, criteria such as size and appearance should be taken into account. Often this device is a real work of art, capable of transforming a room beyond recognition and creating a delightful atmosphere in it.

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