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High quality wooden windows

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Appreciate comfort and high quality? Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones? Then you definitely need to pay attention to wooden eurowindows. They are considered a sign of environmentally competent behavior and impeccable taste. Only wood, a natural natural material, will not harm the human body. Only when installing wooden windows in an apartment or house will an ideal air exchange be established, you will not be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. You will not be unnecessarily disturbed by outside noises. If you wish, you can always eliminate defects on the tree that have arisen during operation. And the service life of wooden windows is about 80 years, while plastic windows are only about 30.

Over the course of a seven-year period of work, the Pravilniye Windows company has established itself in the market as a manufacturer of wooden euro-windows of only high European quality, from valuable tree species, using radial sawing technology (no knots, tar pockets, and similar defects).Windows are covered exclusively with special varnishes and paints, high-quality German fittings are used during installation, which allows the tree to “breathe”. You can always choose the design of windows that matches your interior and the material from which the window will be made. The company’s consultants will assist you and help you make the right decision. In the manufacture of its products, the Pravilny Okna company uses four main types of wood – pine (durable, but at the same time quite soft wood, which has the most affordable cost), larch (durable, moisture-resistant material), oak (durable wood with a very long life services), meranti (mahogany with an exquisite velvety appearance).The company also offers buyers services for the delivery, installation of windows and even garbage collection after installation, advice is given on the operation of wooden windows in everyday life. By calling (495) 984-32-85, you can place an order and find out the prices.

Happy shopping and great repair!

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