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Festive Serving Tips

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It is generally accepted that a beautiful and colorful table setting is a feature of modern housewives. Of course, today there are a huge variety of different techniques for decorating the table with the help of compositions from cooked dishes, fruit carvings, napkins and other devices. However, such judgments are wrong. Table setting in peasant families was given a big role. A special arrangement and order of serving specific dishes, with a festive or everyday handbrake, existed even in peasant families. True, since that time the table setting has become much richer and brighter.

Festive table setting is of particular importance. For example, a New Year’s table decoration or any other festive decoration of a feast.

Preparing for the celebration: what you need to consider?

The table for the celebration should be selected in such a way that the distance between those sitting was at least 80 centimeters. In this case, the guests will not interfere with each other with their elbows (and people are of different builds) and will be able to freely leave the table if necessary. With this arrangement, it is convenient to change dishes.

Be sure to cover the table with a tablecloth. Traditionally, white is used, but in some cases, when the interior allows, you can use burgundy, coffee or any other, but with obligatory one tone lighter serving napkins (they will look better) under the plates.

So that dishes, plates and other cutlery do not rattle under the tablecloth, it is better to lay a soft substrate (fabric or thin oilcloth), and a transparent oilcloth on top to protect the fabric from stains. Then they arrange plates, glasses, glasses and wine glasses, lay out the cutlery. At the same time, porcelain or faience is first placed, then knives, forks and spoons are laid out (table knife and spoon on the right, knife on the left). In some cases, it is allowed to wrap cutlery in a cloth napkin. Crystal placed last.

Harmony is the main rule of table setting

Excessive variegation should be avoided if you want to emphasize serving cuts or curly salads. It is better to serve them on plates without patterns (it is possible on colored, but plain ones). Or vice versa, the use of colored dishes will allow you to serve classic dishes in an unusual way.

All decorative elements are placed on the table before serving the main dishes or simultaneously with them. The design depends on the theme of the feast, however, regardless of the occasion, you need to put one or two figuredly folded napkins on the table.

To decorate and decorate the festive table, you can use decorative ribbons, candles, fir branches, cones and various other materials, however, decorative cutting of products, compositions of fruits, and figured salads will create a festive atmosphere. So you just need to use your imagination, and not complain about the lack of expensive components.

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