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Choosing the right pipe is not so easy

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Metal pipes reflect heat well and protect against corrosion. Such pipes are easy to cut, and their service life reaches 50 years.

There are a large number of different types of metal galvanized and black pipes:




four.Water and gas pipelines (VGP).


Electric-welded pipes are divided into straight-seam and spiral-seam. These pipes have a seam. This type of pipe is used for the construction of oil pipelines, pipelines, main gas pipelines.

Seamless steel pipes are hot-formed (hd) and cold-formed (hd). Such pipes are used in mechanical engineering, aircraft building, chemical industry. Also distinguish steel welded pipes.

Profile pipes are divided by sections: square, rectangular and oval.  In industry, square tubes are ideal for load-bearing structures. They are widely used in the furniture industry.

Water and gas pipes, black and galvanized, are used to create water pipes, gas pipelines, heating systems. We can say that this is a classic type of metal pipes, which is widely used, since these pipes have high rigidity. Also, such pipes are often used in the construction of boiler houses, especially in Russia.

Galvanized pipes are divided into light, ordinary and reinforced. These pipes are also commonly used to create water and gas pipelines, and are also often used to create heating systems. Previously, such pipes were less in demand than they are now.

There are also other types of pipes, for example: copper, aluminum, brass, stainless, bronze, asbestos-cement, cast iron, plastic, metal-polymer.

Also, when choosing pipes for creating water pipes, gas pipelines, heating systems, etc.d. is the quality of the selected pipes, their price and durability.

In general, we can say that choosing pipes for certain needs is quite difficult, but considering all the components of pipe selection, you can choose the right pipes for you and be satisfied with your choice.

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