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Choosing the perfect women’s perfume

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Undoubtedly, any representative of the fair sex knows that she is unique: she has her own taste, her own characteristics, but not every woman knows how to choose the right perfume. Do you think that in this case no skills are needed at all? You’re wrong! The first impression of a woman is laid in the subconscious of a man firmly and for a long time. The image of some of the new acquaintances, the male subconscious immediately sends to the “black list”, for some reason puts in the first row. That’s why misfires with odors are best avoided.

So many different spirits!

How to find exactly the ones that will become your ally in the variety of fragrances of a perfume shop? In addition, good perfumes cost decently, and it is better to choose them slowly, without fuss. To begin with, it would be a good idea to determine what type of perfume you need: woody, fresh, marine, spicy, floral, fruity, citrus, or any other? Do not forget the fact that perfumes are divided into summer and winter. Summer ones often contain floral or citrus scales, and winter ones – woody notes (light fruity shades are also allowed). In addition, decide what time of day you are going to use the new perfume, because there are daytime and evening fragrances. The first, as a rule, are light, unobtrusive; the second – sharper, spicy, enticing. These, for example, include the perfume Armand Basi In Red, the fragrance of which was created for fiery and independent women who have secret power over men!

Discover the secret of perfume with pheromones

Many firmly believe that perfumes with pheromones are a miracle remedy for bewitching people of the opposite sex. According to the manufacturers, one drop of such perfume is enough for any man to be at the woman’s feet. But if this were even slightly true, we would have to constantly step over men lying at women’s feet. In addition, such perfumes contain not human pheromones at all (this is prohibited), but animal pheromones, as a rule … pigs. What then drives men crazy?? It turns out that such perfumes are really unique – but only because they add self-confidence to their owner, which changes her style of communication with surrounding men. A woman begins to behave naturally, naturally, and this often really affects the result! That’s it!

Whether to trust the taste of a friend?

The choice of perfume is a very personal matter. A scent your friend likes might really suit her, but it might just sound disgusting to you. If you like the perfume that your friend uses, try it on yourself first (she won’t refuse you an innocent request!). The aroma of your body will make its own adjustments to the smell. If you like the result – feel free to buy such perfume!

And the last tip: treat yourself with respect and buy products from famous brands. Smell is an aspect of appearance that is worth saving on.

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