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Children’s toys: developing fun and interesting

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It’s hard to imagine a baby without toys! Toys help the child develop, fill his inner world with new sensations. The baby should have a lot of toys, but this does not mean that the child’s room should resemble a small toy store. Toys must be chosen taking into account the age and temperament of the crumbs.

Each toy is for a specific developmental stage of the child

In order not to get lost in a huge assortment of toys for children, it is best to visit an online store of goods for children, in which toys have a description, including an age category. In the first year of a child’s life, parents should pay attention to various rattles. It can be a separate toy or hanging mobile. Babies up to a year should buy bright toys with different textures so that the baby can distinguish colors and different materials.

From one to two years old, the child will be interested in toys on sticks that can be rolled. In addition, the play basket can be replenished with thick books, sandbox toys, musical toys, as well as cars, dolls and strollers.

Starting from the age of two, the child can be offered pencils, paints and felt-tip pens. Naturally, the “first masterpieces” are still far from ideal, but the kid will get great pleasure from drawing. Also, at the age of 2-3 years, you can buy books, plasticine, doll dishes, a simple designer and simple puzzles.

A three-year-old child will be interested in creativity kits, for example, applications. Starting from this age, the child’s thinking becomes more developed, which means it’s time to offer toys that contribute to the development of logic, for example, dominoes or cubes. Do not forget about toys for active games, namely balls, hoops, swings and ropes.

Temperament of the child and toys

From birth, the child has his own type of temperament. For example, some children are melancholic, while others are sanguine. It is very important for parents to determine the type of temperament of their baby in order to choose the right toys for him. It is difficult for sanguine children to sit still, they are real fidgets. That is why such children should sometimes be offered toys that promote perseverance and concentration. More calm children who tend to play alone can be offered collective games with several players. At first, parents can become “team members”, and then peers will play this role. Choleric children are hard to please with toys. Very often, the desired toy loses its value after a few minutes. It is best for such children to buy toys for active games, avoiding puzzles and constructors.

It is worth noting that sometimes children do not show interest in a new toy. This does not mean that it should be thrown away. Perhaps the toy is too difficult for the child, and it is worth offering it to the baby in a couple of months.

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