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Among modern women, you are less and less likely to meet housewives, they somehow begin to realize themselves, and it doesn’t matter if they are a business woman or an educator, a lawyer or a teacher, an accountant-economist or a salesperson. The essence is one – she always remains a woman, which means she must look perfect and use the secrets of a business woman’s makeup correctly. Then the question arises, what should it be?

The make-up of a business woman is, first of all, self-expression and self-disposition. It should be restrained, almost invisible and natural, but at the same time hide the shortcomings if there are such and emphasize the advantages.

Face tone. The most important part of makeup is perfectly “made” skin. To create an even complexion, use water-based tonal products. Therefore, when choosing a tone for the face, rely on your natural skin color so that in the future the complexion does not differ from the color of the neck. Next, fix the foundation with loose powder – it is loose powder that will help create perfect skin, finally evening it out in color and hiding too obvious pores and other relief unnecessary things from others. Lightly blot powder brush and apply to face. But compact powder, you can safely put in a cosmetic bag, to correct makeup during the day.

Eye makeup. This is one of the highlights of makeup as the eyes express more than we can say. Therefore, we need to apply a few tricks to ensure a flawless look for the whole day.  For makeup stability, it is best to look with a pencil and apply shadows, only after applying a tonal base and powder forever. The color scheme of shadows and pencil, choose in combination with the color of your eyes, but do not forget that makeup should not be catchy and almost invisible. It is not worthwhile to get involved in the overlap on eyelashes in several layers, it is also not advisable to experiment with color, the classic black for the office will be the perfect option. And if the mascara is of good quality, your eyes will always remain neat, regardless of the duration of the working day. Give the shape of the eyebrows using a colorless carcass for eyelashes.

Blush. Applying blush, mandatory touch when performing any makeup, be it daytime or evening. Blush, using a special brush, apply on cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.

The final stage – lips. Do not use lip gloss, it will give a sexual-common look. When choosing lipstick, give preference to matte soft shades – cream, coral, light brown or caramel. Do not forget that it is better to choose a long-lasting lipstick that stays on your lips for a long time.

Be confident that you look your best! You’ll see, your colleagues at work will notice and appreciate it!

Author: Natalia Konkova

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