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Yoga for women – steps to the perfection of the body and soul

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The practice of yoga in her homeland, India, was originally considered a male affair. A man, as a more advanced and spiritually developed personality, devoted the bulk of time to self -improvement. The woman initially had to deal with completely different things: to conduct households, raise children, care for her husband.In addition, a woman by nature is softer to mild mines -bearing than a man. Fortunately, a similar attitude to the weak sex has remained in the past. Yoga has long been practicing women and has been very beneficial for the female body.

What benefit do yoga classes bring?

Yoga generally favorably affects the work of all human organs. Practice yogs the integrated work of all muscles and organs, activates the mind and puts the psyche, the donation of stuffy rest and harmony, which is especially important for women at modern pace of life and constant stresses.

Asanas improve blood circulation in the internal organs, massage them, normalize the activity of the endocrine glands and the functioning of the genital organs;

Sets of exercises selected in a special way will relieve menstrual pain, alleviate the symptoms of menopause and even postpone the moment of its onset;

Some of the inverted asanas have a rejuvenating effect;

The sequence of exercises in special complexes of asanas will help to lose weight;

Exercise has a beneficial effect on the skeleton, reduces the risk of developing arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis and others, including age-related changes in the spine and joints;

Increases libido and increases sexual energy;

There comes a relaxation of the whole body, restoration of strength;

Meditation and pranayama will help you get out of depression, develop balance;

All muscles are strengthened, a person gets the opportunity to control his body with only his mind. The main thing is to overcome laziness at the beginning of practice, and soon a person begins to comprehend the secrets of his inner world, his soul.

How to start exercising and what is needed for this?

You can do yoga both in a group with an instructor and at home. For training, you must have a ventilated room, a mat and comfortable clothing. Yoga overalls are best suited for classes, which you can buy in a special store. It is desirable to choose a thing from a natural material that allows the body to breathe and cleanse itself. Clothing should be comfortable and not restrict movement, and, of course, beautiful, even if you work out at home.This is very important for achieving peace of mind.

If you understand that yoga is for you, feel free to start classes. Perseverance, coupled with pleasure from new sensations, will definitely give results – your body will become slender and flexible, you will acquire abilities that were previously unknown, and you will embark on the path to perfection of the mind, body and spirituality.

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