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What is the basis for the activities of the news portal Slobodskaya Krai

by marusia

When Ukrainians hear the name “Sloboda Region”, Ukrainians associate it with the news portal of the same name, broadcasting about events taking place in Kharkiv, Kharkiv region and around the world.

But it was not always so. Initially, Sloboda Krai was a printed weekly published in 1917.

At that time, Krasnograd news was not published there yet, and there were no headings that appeared much later and fell in love with readers of all ages, since everyone found there food for thought according to their interests.

Currently, Slobidskyi krai is a recognizable brand. He was able to survive difficult times not only without losing the readership, but also managing to reach a completely new level of information presentation.

Adjusting to the flow of time, the editorial group modernized the activities of the team by opening a news portal of the same name on the Internet. More advanced readers quickly adapted to the innovation, feeling a lot of benefits.

The older generation, who do not have the skills to use the Internet, continue to buy the printed edition. A special highlight of the weekly is the presentation of information in Ukrainian, which makes it understandable and accessible to everyone.

When readers adapted to the news portal, for greater convenience, the administration created communities of the same name on social networking pages. Now Izum news can be read on Facebook or Twitter by going to the news community.

What is the basis for the activities of the news portal Slobodskaya Krai

For more than a century, readers of all ages have trusted this information source, which is due to its principles of activity:

  • to convey to the reader a maximum of verified and truthful information;
  • to take care of the purity of the reputation;
  • talk not only about the problems and events of fellow countrymen, but also touch upon the facts and phenomena occurring in the world;
  • create and modernize headings based on the interests of readers;
  • to be independent from politicians, to print truthful articles, not laudatory odes paid for by them.

The information submitted through the news portal, the team receives from readers, residents of the city and regions, as well as authorities. All sources are carefully checked to avoid distortion of facts for any reason.

On the pages of the newspaper, in addition to the events taking place in the world, the stories of ordinary people, events taking place on the territory of Ukraine and much more are printed, which has not ceased to excite readers for many years.

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