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What are cryptomixers for: rules of use

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Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used as a means of payment and investment. The more actively cryptocurrencies are used, the more acute the issues of security and confidentiality arise. By storing transactions on a public blockchain, there is a high likelihood of third parties gaining access to important information. Cryptomixers will help you avoid this. What is crypto-mixing? It is worth considering this issue in more detail.

The essence of the procedure

The essence of the mixing process is as follows. The user’s cryptocurrency is sent to a third-party service, where it is mixed with the coins of other users. This procedure allows you to break the connection between transactions and the wallets from which funds are taken. It is practically impossible to track a transaction after processing in a cryptomixer, since the algorithm used is very complex.

Cryptomixers are used by people for whom it is important to maintain confidentiality and ensure a high level of security. This is especially beneficial when sensitive transactions are being conducted. These include expensive purchases, donations, etc.

In a situation where a user wants to buy something on the Internet or make a donation, but it is necessary to exclude the possibility of linking this operation with a public address, it is very convenient to use a cryptomixer. After the mixing procedure, the transaction will be completely anonymous.

If you plan to use a cryptomixer, it is very important to choose a reliable service that deserves unconditional trust and supports privacy protocols.

Another question that the user must decide is the choice of a centralized or decentralized service. For centralized mixers, the operating principle is based on transferring funds to a third-party service. Decentralized mixers work on a different principle. They shuffle funds using smart contacts. If the issue of maintaining confidentiality comes first for the user, then he should definitely choose a centralized service.

Legality of use

In most countries, the use of cryptomixers is completely legal. Although in the USA and some European countries there are a number of fairly strict rules by which cryptomixers must work.

In some countries, such as Algeria and Bangladesh, the use of cryptomixers is prohibited.

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