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VITA VERDE – a corner of Italy near Moscow

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To dream of living a full life when everything is available: from a well-paid, beloved and prestigious profession to a dream house in which the person himself lives with his loved ones – no one forbade anyone. But is it realistic to make such dreams come true if a job is found in a huge metropolis, but even the most seedy living space in it is sometimes unbearable, or does not at all coincide with ideas about the comfort of a home?

This question should not torment the head of a modern person, who counts every minute. That is why more and more promising and far-sighted business people in Moscow are striving to purchase or build a house or an apartment in a townhouse in one of the elite business villages that have surrounded the metropolis with their necklace.

In such a situation, the VITAVERDE cottage settlement, located just 15 km from the Moscow Ring Road, near the village of Aksakovo, arouses great genuine interest in itself. There is everything that is necessary for family life, recreation and relaxation: forests with clearings, reservoirs and the Pyalovskoe reservoir. The houses themselves are made in the Italian style and in the complex represent a complete ensemble of the village, from which it is only a 20-minute drive along Dmitrovskoye Highway to the Moscow Ring Road.

Residents of the cottage can comfortably accommodate in three-five-room houses and townhouses. In accordance with Italian building traditions, the number of storeys of all buildings does not exceed three, including attic superstructures. In a number of houses, a garage space is connected to the residential part, which allows you not to go out into the cold once again in the cold. The bedrooms, according to the plans of the houses, are equipped on the 2nd floor, which allows the first floor to be used as a spacious living room, kitchen and office, thereby creating all the conditions for receiving guests and for life.

It is equally important that each house and apartment in a townhouse has its own piece of land from 6 to 25 acres, which allows you to build a cozy courtyard where you can spend warm summer, spring and autumn evenings, and put up a Christmas tree in winter. Here you can also grow ornamental plants – however, it all depends on the imagination of the owners – this is the whole charm of “Russian Italy” in VITA VERDE.

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