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Veka plastic windows in Perm

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Veka plastic windows in Perm

In the Perm Territory, the only official partner of the famous company <> is a specialized plastic window factory <<Planet Light>>. The company is not engaged in the production and sale of windows that are made from other profile systems. In addition, the company is not an intermediary of any other processor. For more than 15 years <<Planet Light>> develops plastic windows and high quality double-glazed windows and managed to become one of the largest factories that operate without intermediaries and third parties.

Employees of the company offer the installation of PVC windows in apartments, cottages, offices, etc.d. In addition, the company is engaged in the installation of PVC plastic doors. The company’s offices operate in all districts of Perm, in addition, you can order high-quality services online by simply visiting the planetasvet website. Here you can order a free measurer departure service, indicating the exact address of the object. Employees of the company, before installing window structures, carry out accurate measurements.

The company manufactures reliable plastic windows using automatic production from high-quality and proven VEKA profiles. VEKA is an elite German profile and is never made light. And this means that the potential buyer is protected from fakes. Note that VEKA windows use a closed reinforcing profile, which ensures its reliability and durability.

The factory gives a 5-year guarantee for all products and claims that these PVC windows are capable of serving more than 50 years. After all installation work is completed, the company removes all construction debris for free, which will help customers save money. If you want to buy PVC windows cheaper, then you can participate in the factory’s promotions <<Planet Light>>. The company regularly holds promotions and presents pleasant discounts, so you can buy really good products at an affordable price. You can purchase PVC windows with VEKA profile directly from the office of enterprises and receive products in accordance with all GOST requirements.

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