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Vacuum -roller massage – hardware technique for the beauty of your body

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People have known about the beneficial properties of massage for a long time. It improves blood circulation and lymph flow, accelerates skin renewal, allows you to simulate a figure and gives an anti -stress effect. There are many varieties of this wellness manipulation. Among them, the massage carried out using the roller installation is released.

What is good vacuum-roller massage

For the beauty of the beauty of Voila.In vacuum-roller massage is carried out at different stages of cellulite. The procedure helps to get rid of excess weight and helps to increase skin elasticity. It is performed using a special installation, the main part of which is the manipula. It captures the folds into the required thickness, and the movable videos break the fat layer.

Such massage accelerates the process of splitting lipids and leads to a decrease in body volume. The general healing effect of vacuum-roller massage is as follows:

removal of puffiness;

removal of toxins and toxins;

resorption of hematomas;

stimulation of lymph flow;

get rid of orange peel.

Massage is very useful for muscle tissues. In addition to stimulating blood circulation, it eliminates muscle spasms and relieves pain, fatigue.

On the beauty of the skin, hardware massage “works” as a rejuvenating agent. Thanks to its implementation, stretch marks are straightened, scar surfaces are softened and the skin as a whole is tightened. The whole execution technique can be represented as follows:

soft movement of the nozzle with a slight pressure along the line of the lymph flow;

delay on each area of ​​the skin for no more than 10 minutes;

absorption by the body jar and the effect of the roller on the intradermal layers.

Indications for hardware vacuum-roller massage

The implementation of a useful procedure is shown to everyone who has problems with blood circulation, musculoskeletal system and joints. It removes puffiness and corrects the shape of the buttocks. Massage indications also include:


muscle weakness;

skin laxity and loss of elasticity;

fat deposits in certain parts of the body.

Specialists representing the beauty salon “Voila” offer their visitors this type of massage as an effective and safe development in the beauty industry. On the eve of the manipulation, the client’s history is collected and examined by a dermatologist, who identifies contraindications or confirms the usefulness of vacuum-roller massage for each individual person.

The number of contraindications for vacuum-roller massage is:




days of menstruation;

cardiovascular diseases;

injuries of the musculoskeletal system;

malignant neoplasms;

a cold that occurs with a temperature of more than 37.5 degrees;

inflammatory processes in the skin areas subject to the procedure.

With such pathologies, massage cannot be done.

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