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The right door mat and other dirt protection systems

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When you move from outdoors to indoors, dirt and dust travel with you. The most important part of it is on your feet, and in order not to bring it into your home, you usually put a lot of rugs at all stages of getting into the apartment: at the main entrance, at the entrance to the stairwell, at the entrance to the apartment, in the corridor apartments and so on. In the lobbies of shopping malls or business centers, special gratings and coverings are installed at the entrance so that employees rushing to work do not leave marks along the clean corridors of the building and take care of the work of cleaners. In this article, we will look at what kind of mud protection systems are available, what suits your apartment, cottage, office and commercial building.

There is a correct comprehensive dirt cleaning system. The first stage is to remove the main dirt. To do this, at the very entrance to the building, it is best to install dirty gratings or rubber coatings with small cells. The second stage is a vestibule where moisture -drinking coatings are laid. And the third part of the path is the internal space of the room, where, as a rule, a rug for drying is installed.  More details about which muddy coatings are, can be read on the website of Alsagor, which is engaged in the installation of complex dirt cleaning systems in Moscow.

If you want to install a high -quality muddy system in front of the entrances to the apartment or office building, then you need to focus on the above three -stage system.  As already mentioned, before entering or outside the door to an apartment building, you should put a cellular rug or rubber grate. These types of mats should have a special surface that will effectively remove all the main dirt from your shoes. At the entrance to the stairwell you need a water-absorbing mat or grate.

When choosing a door mat, you should understand that its design can be beautiful and unique, but you should not choose light models. The carpet quickly absorbs dirt, which is why the main options are in brown.

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