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The main advantages of wooden houses

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Today, many Russians prefer wooden houses to familiar brick or gas silicate houses. Fashion for them is spreading more and more. And this is not surprising: in terms of their performance characteristics, such houses are in no way inferior to buildings made of other materials, and in some respects even surpass them.

The advantages of wooden houses are as follows:

Durability. Wooden houses on a columnar foundation are the most durable of all, only houses made of stone can be compared with them in this indicator. If you do not break the halt of wood exploitation (treatment with a special composition every 7-10 years, painting the house at least once every 5 years), then the structure will stand idle for 100, 200 and even 300 years (for example, some masterpieces of wooden architecture in the Arkhangelsk region preserved since the 18th century). In general, the house built today will be used by children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Eco-friendly and good air circulation. It’s no secret that wood, unlike other building materials, “breathes”. During the day in a wooden house about 30% of the total volume of air that is there is updated. To order the construction of a wooden house, just go to the website of the company “Rus”.

Heat preservation. The thermal insulation properties of wood have been known for a long time. The tree “accumulates” heat and distributes it evenly throughout the house. Interestingly, wooden houses in this important indicator are significantly superior to brick and concrete ones (if we take the same wall thickness, of course). Yes, and such a house does not require special maintenance. Firstly, such a structure will not need a foundation cladding (this already saves 20% of the construction cost). Secondly, as a heater, you can use the most common sealant, which is several times cheaper than other heat-insulating materials such as mineral wool.

Cheapness. A house built of wood (if we take a full estimate, including additional and unforeseen expenses) will cost 40% -50% than a brick house of the same area and wall thickness. Good savings, right?? And the approximate time for building a house is 1-2 months.

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