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The choice of earrings depending on the shape of the face

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There is no woman who does not like jewelry. Now earrings are worn even by little girls who are not even a year old. It is this decoration that emphasizes the femininity of its owner, is the finishing touch in the image of a woman, a fashion accessory. Men, wishing to make a gift to their beloved, often choose earrings. Any girl will be delighted with jewelry from Tiffany, the online store offers a huge selection of silver earrings from this brand, so it will not be difficult for men to choose.

However, when choosing, you need to focus not only on the beauty and material from which earrings are made. The shape of the face and age of the girl is of no small importance.

How to choose the right earrings

Young representatives of the fair sex are ideal for small and flat jewelry, which gracefully emphasize the youth and freshness of the girl. For mature women, on the contrary, large -sized earrings will be appropriate, you can choose with inserts of stones. Such earrings attract attention.

The choice also depends on the shape of the face. Knowing the simple rules, you can easily choose beautiful earrings without fitting.

Oval form

Almost all types of earrings are suitable for girls with such a face shape, the only thing that will not look quite appropriate – long pendants. If you really want to wear this type of jewelry, choose short and wide pendants. The best option for such a face would be round earrings or “studs” with a stone in the middle. Particularly good “cloves” for girls with short hair.

Rectangular shape

Those types of earrings may come as an oval type, but it is desirable that the decoration is more “soft” in shape, earrings in the form of a flower will look great.

Wide shape

Warm -faced female representatives are not recommended for small jewelry or unusual shape. Long and flat earrings will look much better on such women. In general, an ideal option would be a decoration in the form of a “clove” with a small suspension.

Square shape

You can rarely see a woman with a square face shape, but, nevertheless, this form is found in nature. Such a girl is suitable for decoration in the form of simple earrings of oval shape, they can be slightly elongated.

Round form

It is believed that chubby girls have and radiate kindness. Earrings will help them look more serious and determined, you just need to choose the right shape. In this case, you need to buy earrings in the form of drops or long oval jewelry that will “stretch” your face.

triangular shape

In this case, the girl should divert attention from the pronounced shape of the face and “soften” it a little. Suitable earrings in the form of a heart, the usual “studs”.

Knowing the basic rules for choosing earrings by face type, you can buy exactly the jewelry that suits you.

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