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The best store in Ukraine – Domadom

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Annoying constant price increases and changing price tags in supermarkets twice a day? Then visit the online store of goods for the home Domadom. Only in this store you will be provided with quality goods from Europe and China at affordable prices.

The store itself is very convenient, it was developed on the basis of the best foreign and domestic samples, so it is convenient and navigation on it takes a few moments. The Domadom store will offer its visitors unique samples of kitchen furniture for every taste. Here you will find luxurious ducklings, plates and pots, and the world’s best frying pans with a real Teflon coating or cast-iron ones, which, if used correctly, do not burn food either.

It is worth noting that with devaluation of hryvnias, citizens’ incomes fell greatly, along with them, payment capacity, as a result, the market reacted instantly – a huge number of poor -quality Chinese products appeared. So, very often unscrupulous stores under famous brands sell consumer goods made of low-quality alloy, which deforms over time, and the Teflon pseudo-coating peels off and gets into the owner’s food. However, the Domadom online store offers only high-quality power tools, certified products. In this store you will find everything you need to prepare delicious, and most importantly, safe and healthy food.

If you value quality and do not want to pay more than you need, then you will not find a better store on the Internet. The lowest prices in Ukraine! The delivery system works flawlessly, and orders are formed on the day of acceptance. For residents of Kyiv, the purchase will almost always be delivered on the day of the order.

Call (044) 364-74-23 or order a call back directly on the domadom website. The store consultants will help you choose the highest quality product and make the purchase of simple and pleasant.

It is worth noting that all the staff underwent training not only in sales, but also in service, therefore, from personal experience, they know what they advise, especially with regards to dishes, household appliances and kitchen utensils.

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