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Repair of household appliances from the world’s leading manufacturers in Tampa

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Households cannot do without using a large number of household appliances. The equipment is constantly operated in intensive mode, which can cause breakdowns. To quickly resolve the issue, we offer Artur Appliance Repair in Tampa from a family-owned company.

Features of services

We offer repairs for household appliances from the world’s leading manufacturers in Tampa and surrounding communities along the Gulf Coast. The website has a list of all cities and a map with markers where residents can find out about service options.

Among the main equipment that can be repaired are the following devices:

  1. Refrigerators.
  2. Washing machines and dryers.
  3. Ovens of different types.
  4. Hobs.
  5. Dishwashers.
  6. Microwaves.

You can order a technician to visit you by discussing the time of the visit, indicating the type of equipment and type of breakdown. On the website you can order a free diagnostic by filling out a form where you list your residential address, first and last name, phone number, name of the equipment, and manufacturer’s brand. The same data will be used when scheduling an appointment.

Payment is made upon repair using cash or a bank card. The payment method is chosen by the customer of the service. You can order a call back from the company to understand the situation and invite a technician to repair the equipment.

Benefits of the service

Repair and maintenance are carried out by a family-owned company that prioritizes the quality of work, an individual approach to each client, accurate diagnostics, and thorough repairs.

In other words, technicians are able to quickly and correctly determine the problem itself and the reason that caused it. This allows you to completely solve the problem and relieve the equipment owner from further worries in one session. Repaired equipment will work for a long time, justifying the costs of the work performed, without requiring funds to purchase new devices. A guarantee is provided for the procedures performed.

The order is completed quickly, 87% of them on the day the specialist is called. Exceptions include complex work that requires a lot of time. The Appliance Repair company is recommended by users, noting the careful approach to their duties, the friendliness and competence of the craftsmen, their technical knowledge and practical skills in repair.

Prices for services are optimal and are available to almost all American households.

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