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Repair in a new building.

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Purchasing an apartment in the primary real estate market is a more profitable and, today, a relevant choice. But new buildings have a feature that reflects relatively low prices. Apartments in newly built houses are sold without repair.In order to make repairs in a new apartment, you need to start from scratch. Depending on the scope of work and set repair prices in the new building.

If you purchased exclusively square meters with concrete partitions, then the most primitive repair will cost 20 percent of the nominal value of the apartment.

If, in the apartment you purchased, cosmetic repairs were made, then it is better not to start a major. A feature of apartments in new buildings is draft. After the construction of the house, within a year to three years, the house gives a draft, which, of course, affects all coatings, frames, door frames, etc.d.

Professionals advise to make major repairs after six months, after acquiring an apartment – this is the minimum period.

Formation of prices for repairs.

The price for any service has a special formation system, which adds up the final price. The same applies to prices for repairs in new buildings.

To begin with, the total amount of work and material costs is determined. If there is a need to level the floor, make logs, insulate walls, install new windows, carpentry, replace wiring, plumbing equipment and other large-scale work, then the cost of such repairs, taking into account materials, will be up to 60 percent of the cost of the apartment.

Of course, much depends on the quality of work and materials used for repairs. Since we are talking about a new building, the materials should be selected carefully. Such qualities as elasticity and the ability to deform should come to the fore.

The stronger the materials, the more likely it is that they will fail when the house is “moved”. Elastic materials have a peculiar drawback – they are not all durable. Therefore, in a new building, in any case, you will have to re-repair in a few years.

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