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Rating Star series TOP-20 Star series TV shows

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Star series rating

Muz-TV channel compiled the rating “Best 20 Star series”.

Let’s see how the places were distributed.

1 place. The youth series “Beverly Hills 90210” originates in 1990, all schoolchildren and schoolgirls were fascinated by the daily life of American peers.

Directors, after 20 years, shot the continuation of the series, but with new heroes.

2nd place. Animated series “Simpsons”. The birth of this series, about an American family, took place in 1989. And it was released episodes in 21 seasons!

3rd place. Everyone’s favorite series about fashionable and beautiful women “Sex and the City” 1998. After the end of the last season, the directors decided to shoot a feature film, and they did not fail, the picture was a great success.

4th place. “Star Trek”, you will not believe, but this series is already 50 years old, since it was filmed back in 1964.

5th place. Another holiday series that successfully combines melodrama and sex with black humor, violence, gossip, love, and shocking and absurd plot twists “Melrose Place” 1992.

And continuation:

6th place. “Dr. House”. This series of 5 seasons is about a doctor who spends all his time fighting his own pain, and the cane in his hand only emphasizes his tough, poisonous manner of communication.

7th place. The series “Friends” started in 1994 – this is the story of six young people living in New York, regulars of the Central Coffee House. They always treat any situation with humor, and the same humor helps them in difficult moments of life. Their jokes become cult, and fans adopt their style of dressing, haircuts, favorite words.

8th place. “Charmed” is a story about three sisters living in San Francisco at their grandmother’s house. And they are all born witches, because all the ancestors of the Halliwell sisters in the female line were fortune tellers. Their fate is predetermined.

9th place. One of the most expensive and mysterious series “Lost”. For the past six seasons, the series has kept its audience in suspense and riddles. And, of course, there was a place in it for real human feelings: great love and strong friendship.

10th place. Series 1989-2001. “Baywatch” about athletic, tanned and very sexy lifeguards who are always ready – they will not allow any vacationer to drown, even if someone really wants to!

Further in the second ten, the series were distributed like this:

11th place. “Secret materials”.

12th place. “Desperate Housewives”.

13th place. “Ambulance”.

14th place. “Helen and guys”.

15th place. “Her name was Nikita”.

16 place. “Buffy”

17th place. “Chronicle of paranormal phenomena”.

18 place. “Police Miami. Management department “.

19th place. “Detective agency” Moonlight “.

20th place. “Mr. Bean”.

Personally, I do not really agree with the version of Muz-TV, I do not think that “Beverly Hills 90210 ″ worthy of the first place.

And you agree with the version of the MUZ-TV ?

Author: Natalia Konkova

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