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Pancake week. Fortune telling by pancakes Delicious pancakes

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Pancake week. Fortune telling by pancakes

Carnival in the yard! Probably not a single housewife can resist such a temptation to pamper her household with delicious pancakes during Shrovetide week? And how many recipes for pancakes exist: they are baked with buckwheat, rye, wheat, yeast, without eggs, as well as cheese, nut and with various fillings. Previously, in Russia, girls chose their favorite pancakes. We prepared all kinds of pancakes with different fillings, and then treated and looked closely. After all, it’s not for nothing that a folk proverb says: “A husband is chosen by pancakes, and a wife by pies”. Do you want to tell fortunes by pancakes? What kind of pancakes does your loved one prefer??

Real men always prefer the most refined, and in this case pancakes with caviar. For such men, as a rule, everything is in order and the beloved wife with children is dressed and shod.

Pancakes with red fish are eaten by “intellectuals”. And day and night, these people are in the clouds, in turn, demanding from their beloved understanding of their great ideas and unrealizable projects.

But pancakes with cottage cheese eat kind, flexible and soft -hearted.

Pancakes with sour cream, despite their tasty, eat only persons “neither fish nor meat” – limp and spineless. They strive to please everyone and arise for everyone and everyone.

Tender and affectionate husbands prefer a classic version – pancakes with butter. Pancakes with sugar eat, those who love children.

Unpleasant husbands – bores, there are such, prefer pancakes with boiled eggs with eggs. It itches at home about and without a reason, as well as in the company of friends always not satisfied with something.

But pancakes with jam love “The first guys in the village”. Such can, and to the city to escape “to earn money”, and look at the neighbor.

True or not, to judge you. In any case, pancakes will have to be prepared, and no matter what they will. I think they are the most delicious at Shrovetide week. Therefore, the Women’s Paradise site offers two recipes for the hostesses:

Early pancakes: 1 kg. flour 7 eggs, 140 grams of drain. Oils, 5.5 cups of kefir or yogurt, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. Pour the flour into the pan, put the yolks torn with sugar, melted butter and mix thoroughly. Dilute the dough with kefir to the density of sour cream. Beat the proteins separately and add to the dough, stirring well, and immediately bake in a well -heated pan.

Pancakes “Glacock”: 15-20 ready-made fresh thin pancakes.

For filling: 1.5 cups of raisins, 150 grams of peeled walnuts. Sort raisins, rinse, scald with boiling water and let the water drain, then pass through the meat grinder along with fried nuts. Put a little filling on one side of each pancake, turn the pancake of the sausage and fry in butter to form brown crust. Ready pancakes Pour chocolate sauce.

For sauce: 25 grams of cocoa powder, 0.5 cups of condensed milk with sugar, 2 tablespoons of water, vanillin or vanilla sugar.

Author: Natalia specially for Women’s Paradise

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