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Overview of construction news in Russia today

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Overview of the main construction news in Russia today.

In 2014, the construction of a dam in Khabarovsk will begin, which will protect the banks of the Amur from erosion. Recall that more than three and a half thousand residents suffered from high water last summer in the region.  The dam plan was entrusted to the company “Dalgiprovodkhoz” and the result of their work is currently sent for state expertise. As soon as the project is approved, construction will begin.

The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait in Crimea is still being discussed. The best option, according to Avtodor (the state company entrusted with this project), is a bridge over the Tuzla Spit, which will be combined with 4 highway lanes and two railway tracks in the Tuzla alignment.  The cost of building such a structure will cost 149-157 billion rubles, as well as additional funds in the amount of 82-86 billion rubles and 51 billion rubles will be spent on preparatory work and construction of access roads. Recall that the total number of proposed options is 74 and the final choice will depend on feasibility studies.

The Pskov region allocated 300 million rubles for the first stage of the construction of the overpass in Velikiye Luki. In the near future, a competition for the implementation of the project will be launched.

Under Voronezh, the construction of a paid section of the road on the M4 Don highway began. A four -lane road with a six -meter dividing strip will have a length of 29.15 km, and motorists will be able to drive along it at a speed of 150 kmh. The project cost is more than 17 billion rubles. Work is planned to be completed in 2016.

Investors from China will invest about $ 2 billion into the construction of a new branch of the Moscow metro. For these funds, a metro line in New Moscow will be drawn – from the Street Novator station to the Station Stolbovo station.

In the summer, the construction of the Siberian Strength gas pipeline will begin, which will supply gas from Russia to China. It will pass through the territory from the Irkutsk region and Yakutia to Vladivostok. Almost the entire gas pipeline will be built from domestically produced pipes.

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