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Medical clothing in fashion

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Medical clothing in fashion

There are certain professional requirements for overalls for medical personnel. It should be comfortable, hygienic and presentable.

All these important factors are met by fashionable medical clothing Alba – S. Creating their models, Ivanovo manufacturers seriously worked on aspects of medical uniforms. Any clothing can influence the psychological state of a person, leave an imprint on his behavior.

The models developed by the masters of the Alba-S company are capable of creating sensations for medical personnel:


the prestige of the profession;

accuracy and sterility;


But, medical clothing is a uniform in which doctors spend a fairly large amount of time. Most of them are women, so Alba-C workwear is not at all like shapeless white coats from the past. Today, the doctor’s uniform takes into account fashion trends, trying to make the image not only professional, but also stylish.

In modern clinics, along with traditional white coats, you can see clothes of other colors in pastel pleasant colors. The conservative “white coat” replaces the form that can emphasize individuality, peace of mind. Today’s doctors often use trouser sets for work, which have taken root quite well in both men’s and women’s wardrobes and in some cases are more successfully suited to the specifics of work.

A variety of blended fabrics, not just traditional cotton, can increase the service life of clothing, increase its hygiene and practicality. Cotton fabric, which was used for sewing medical gowns, has its drawbacks, it quickly wrinkles and sags, making clothes shapeless and ugly. Blended modern fabrics are able to withstand more washes without losing aesthetics.

The image of a doctor in a modern uniform can evoke in patients.

confidence in his professionalism and competence;



faith in the success of treatment.

And, of course, the attractive appearance of the doctor creates an aura of personal charm, which is important in contact with the patient. A modern and stylish image of medical staff can positively affect the image of the clinic as a whole. An institution where you are met by neat aesthetic doctors is undoubtedly capable of inspiring confidence and a desire to be treated only in such a highly professional institution.

It is not necessary to convince that the influence of medical clothing on the perception of the patient exists. There are cases when only the sight of a white coat makes the patient’s heart beat faster. I would like such phenomena to be not from fear, but from the charming appearance of a doctor confident in his professionalism. Simply put: “breathtaking”.

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