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Marsa el Alam: if you are looking for beauty and solitude

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For those who have traveled to the most popular Egyptian resorts – Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Safaga, El Gouna – it seems that all of Egypt has been studied from this perspective as it is. But it’s not like that. Less noticeable remain behind the “board”, however, without having been there, it is impossible to be sure of a complete Egyptian “immersion”. For the time being, some of these modest settlements remained in the shadow of their brilliant large resort brothers, keeping such precious riches as untouched nature with its outlandish animals and birds and luxurious, completely deserted beaches. But the civilization penetrated here, and the tourist streams turn into a full -flowing stream day by day. This happened, for example, with an ordinary village of fishermen, who lived their measured life on the shore of the Red Sea, very close to Hurghada and El-ukera, and now becoming the most popular recreation site of divers from all over the world: Mars-El-Alam. Having appreciated the pristine nature of the world and the comfort of the shellless (still) beautiful beaches reached these shores and lovers of traveling in the family composition – with children.

For Mars Alalam, a decisive factor in opening itself to the whole world was perhaps the construction of an international airport here in 2001. And if so far local residents have been engaged in the extraction of seafood, cattle breeding and work on marble and granite mines, now the field of activity has expanded to the sphere of tourism. The advantages of the newborn resort include freshly controversial hotels of the very different levels of stardom, starting with three. And, it should be noted, Turtellaegyptmarsa_alama585 Hotels of Mars-Alam for relaxation with children are as convenient as somewhere in the centuries that have been ordered for centuries to Europe. For example, InterContinental The Palace Port Ghalib Resort (5 stars), located literally six kilometers from the airport, is not just an oriental luxury in the design of both the entire building and each room, but also absolutely complete comfort and convenience. Families with children are very comfortable here, because the rest is thought out for both adults and small guests: in addition to the large pool, there is also a special children’s pool, while parents spend time in the hotel’s spa, sauna, tennis court or go in for fitness, the younger members of the family do in your club, in the playroom, and the kids can be entrusted with the care of a guest nanny.

The untouched, so to speak, wild nature of the young resort does not mean at all that there is nothing here except the beach and the transparent blue waves of the sea. Egypt would not be Egypt if in every corner did not hide the precious pearls of his history for the curious foreign guests. Here it is first of all – the most beautiful valley of Wadi Hammamat with its “exclusive” ancient rock paintings and writings. You can not ignore the grandiose temple buildings – Abu Simbel, Hathor and others. Children will find a modern performance against the background of ancient walls especially spectacular – the show “Sound and Light”.

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