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To significantly extend the life of the laminate, you need to take care of it. High-quality laminate flooring is not a cheap flooring, and in order to maintain all the positive features of this flooring, you need to make an effort.

Dirty laminate flooring is best to try dry cleaning. To do this, you will need a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Just do not need to use a washing vacuum cleaner t.to. it will do more harm than help. If dry cleaning does not help, then move on to wet.

Many laminate floors are “afraid” of moisture. In this regard, be extremely careful so that there are no sad consequences. When you bought the flooring, the seller probably gave the necessary care recommendations and they probably indicated the cleaning products that you can use. We take the right product, dilute it in water and apply it to the surface of the laminate. It must be remembered that moisture from the surface will need to be removed as soon as possible. In many cases, simply wiping the contaminated surface with a dry cloth will suffice.

Protect the laminate from mechanical damage. Treat it with care and then you won’t have to deal with the consequences.

There are rules, following which it will be possible to avoid cracks and scratches on the flooring.

– do not walk with heavy shoes on the floor and shoes with sharp heels.

– cover with felt the legs of furniture that you often move (tables, chairs). If possible, chairs on wheels are a good option.

– do not drop heavy objects on the laminate.

– explain to the children that they should not draw with felt-tip pens or paints on the laminate.

– a rug in the hallway is well suited to protect the floor from sand and dry dirt.

– do not use abrasive cleaners to clean the floor. Use for cleaning only those recommended by the manufacturer.

And then your gender will bring you and your loved ones harmony and joy in the house!


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