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Unisex fashion is moving further and further into the past, today fashion dictates new rules: to be feminine, romantic and sexy. If you follow the new collections of fashion designers, you have probably seen the appearance of models on the catwalks in dresses, not just dresses, but knitted dresses. They can be different: summer and winter, but most importantly feminine, pleasant to the touch, creating warmth and comfort for their owner. The Women’s Paradise website tells how interesting models of knitted dresses can be.

Knitted dresses – sweaters.

Usually such knitted dresses are very comfortable, no matter what you wear it with. You can wear it with leggings, piping trousers or thick tights, and high boots will emphasize your perfect legs. The color scheme is varied, but the predominance of gray is very noticeable, choose what suits your person. You have a thin waist, you can safely focus on it by emphasizing it with an original belt.

Knitted dresses with patterns and braids.

The most fashionable trends in knitted dresses this winter season 2010-2011 are patterns and braids. Interesting and intricate patterns transform your dress from casual to festive.

But braids on knitted dresses can be both transverse and longitudinal.

Romantic knitted dresses – tunics.

To be romantic, gentle and charming person, that’s what our men like. Choose romantic knitted dresses with free sleeves, a spacious skirt from the chest and feel extraordinary.

Knitted striped dresses.

You probably remember that the stripe is the hit of the season, so the designers transferred it to their models of knitted dresses.

Knitted dresses with cowl collars.

These dresses are very original and create a feeling of coziness, warmth and comfort.

Summer knitted dresses.

Yes, you heard right, knitted dresses can be summer. Such models are usually light, translucent, openwork and crocheted. In such a dress, you will feel more romantic, and at the same time it is comfortable on hot summer evenings.

Little black knitted dress.

Remember that every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe. But designers also remember this, so they offer new options – this is a little black knitted dress. Original, isn’t it?? Having picked up the right accessories for it, it can become an evening one.

So, dear ladies, I hope you are all real fashionistas, then you have a chance to prove it by choosing a fashionable knitted dress for yourself.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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