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Joint purchases: benefit or a new kind of deception?

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Gone are the days when every new product, whether it was a washing machine, a set or a new dress, had to be “gotten”. Today the market is teeming with goods. Different in quality and price category, belonging to different brands (and not related at all), things are waiting for their customers in the markets, in regular and online stores.

Now fashionistas and economical hostesses are not looking for what to buy. Now think about how to save on purchases.

The World Wide Web has come to the rescue of thrifty shoppers. Buying online is easy and simple. I chose the product, placed the order, transferred the money, received the desired. But…

Active buyers of online stores sadly realized that some purchases are much cheaper than the cost of their delivery to the desired city. Agree, it’s a shame to buy a swimsuit for $ 5, and pay $ 25 for delivery.

In order for buyers to receive an order without overpaying for its delivery, they came up with joint shopping forums.

What it is?

Joint purchases are a way to purchase goods abroad at wholesale prices. There are many advantages to this kind of shopping:

Time saving. You no longer need to explore hundreds of sites in search of the right thing. It is enough to choose a joint shopping site for yourself once, register on it and receive the goods you like. The organization of purchases, payment, delivery, delivery of goods, the solution of all issues that arise during the purchase process will be taken over by the ORG: this is the name of the organizer of the group.

saving money. Firstly, joint purchases (this is Krasnoyarsk or another city – it doesn’t matter) are cheaper.Secondly, joint purchases allow you to collect a sufficient number of participants to purchase a batch at wholesale prices (or at a very large discount). Finally, the delivery of a whole batch of different goods costs the same as the delivery of one item. Shipping cost can be divided between all participants of the joint venture.

Becoming a member of a co-purchase group is easy. It is done like this:

First, they find a forum, club or site for joint purchases on the Internet. Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Kemerovo, Arkhangelsk – there are such forums in almost every city in Russia.

They carefully read the Rules, and, if everything suits them, they register on the site.

Choose from the Catalog the desired product or the desired group of customers. For example, on the JV forum there are groups that together purchase children’s knitwear, cosmetics, orthopedic goods.

Place an order. If something is not clear, contact the organizer and ask him questions.

Transfer money.

After some time, they stay at the place indicated by the organizer to pick up their goods. This moment is called “Distribution”. It is possible to send the purchased goods by mail.

Those who have heard about the joint venture for the first time, but want to master this type of shopping, can go to the site of their city, for example, the joint shopping site in Krasnoyarsk or look for similar resources in their city.

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