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How to buy land

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Every city dweller likes to relax in silence outside the city, away from the hustle and bustle of a big metropolis. However, not everyone has a cottage or a small cottage outside the city. But what if you decide to purchase several acres of land to fulfill your little dream? Let’s take a closer look.

Land plots are usually classified into categories. In accordance with Russian legislation, lands are divided into such categories as water, forest funds, settlements, agricultural purposes, industry, transport, specially protected territories and objects, land of reserve land.

It should also be noted that the land plots are divided according to their intended purpose. But due to the fact that there are a lot of such species, we will consider plots for individual housing construction, but we are still going to build a summer house.

You can purchase a land plot either directly from the owner of the land, or buy state property. Buying land from the owner is easier than buying it from the state. But if you want to buy economy class land plots, then you need to take into account that competition and cost are higher here.

To purchase a plot from the owner, you need to draw up a bilateral contract of sale in writing, usually realtors do this. After the participants in the transaction discuss all the details of the sales of the site and assign all the conditions in the contract, this document is transferred to the registration chamber to complete the procedure for transferring the ownership of land from the previous owner to the new. State registration of ownership is carried out in the registration chamber at the location of the land. In the registration chamber, this procedure is drawn up for about a month, as a result of which the parties to the agreement are issued the main document – the Certificate of State Registration of Property Rights. The Certificate of Ownership contains the main details of the transaction, as well as the new owner. Thus, the purchase of the land plot took place and the construction of the cottage can begin!

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