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“Hot” wedding trends in 2014

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You have a wedding, and we have the “hottest” and “delicious” wedding buns. Show everyone what a truly stylish wedding looks like.

Where to have a wedding?

Modern newlyweds strive to make their celebration more and more original and not lose the romanticism that is characteristic of this event, in connection with which today the following are mega popular:

wedding on the ship wedding.htm – the opportunity to celebrate your celebration in a completely different way than it could be done in a restaurant. Another element dominates here, which means that the atmosphere of the holiday and the sensations will also be different;

wedding abroad – you yourself choose what is closer to you – the nobility of Europe, the bright originality of Asia or the exoticism of the islands.

What to wear?

Not all young couples are ready to give up a white dress and a classic suit for the sake of individuality. However, making it more expressive in the light of today’s fashion influences is not at all difficult. Use for this:

degradation effect;

Its highlight is the play of colors and shades. Looks great in the bride’s attire and in the general decoration of the celebration.

bright elements of the dress and accessories;

They allow you to emphasize the dignity of the figure and harmoniously fit the bride’s outfit into the overall style of the design.

Natural flowers.

A very refined decoration that surrounds the owner with a natural natural aroma and enlivens even the most strict classics.

How to celebrate?

Themed weddings have become very popular these days. When a certain plot is put into the concept of the celebration. It could be:

national wedding (Russian, Indian, Indonesian, Scottish, etc.).P.) with appropriate outfits and interior;

a pirate wedding, for which renting a motor ship stylized as a pirate ship is ideal;

a retro wedding, which is given a special chic by antique decor and vintage outfits;

country (rustic) style – only natural materials, fresh flowers and natural decorations are used for decoration.

What to treat?

In addition to the usual menu and traditional drinks, today they use treats that can become an original decoration for a holiday or part of an entertainment program, for example:

chocolate fountains are not only a spectacular, but also a delicious holiday decoration, however, you should get not only the fountain itself, but also special chocolate, t.to. ordinary tiles do not have the required viscosity;

pyramids of glasses – filling them with sparkling champagne can become an element of an entertainment or competitive program;

fountains for drinks – you can fill them with juice, champagne, wine or any other drink that does not contain solid particles;

mastic cakes (sweet coating made from marshmallows and butter) – the cake looks impressive and is eaten very quickly by guests.

Use the hits presented here at your wedding and it will not be confused with anyone else even after many years.

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