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Hardware pedicure: advantages and technique

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Properly caring for and monitoring the condition of the feet is extremely important not only in the summer, when we wear light open shoes, but throughout the year. Maintaining a well-groomed appearance of toenails will help the hardware pedicure procedure, which is offered today at an affordable price in almost all beauty salons.

Advantages of hardware pedicure

The main advantages of hardware pedicure are its safety and effectiveness. During the procedure, sharp objects and scissors are not involved, so the possibility of getting a cut or prick is completely excluded. In addition, hardware pedicure is considered one of the most effective foot care procedures. The result remains for a long period, so there is no need to do a pedicure too often. However, regularity is still important. It is recommended to undergo a hardware pedicure procedure at least twice a month to keep your feet in perfect condition.

Hardware pedicure has a number of advantages that distinguish it from classical methods:

as a result of grinding, the layer of dead cells is naturally removed, the nail plate is renewed and becomes healthier;

the cuticle is not damaged, because during the pedicure process it is only shifted with a small nozzle, and not cut off;

calluses and corns pass;

during the grinding of the feet, acupressure occurs, which helps to relax the muscles;

the use of the device helps to process the most inaccessible places.

As you can see, hardware pedicure is not in vain so popular among women who take care of their appearance and take care of their health.

Execution technique

Feet preparation. A hardware pedicure session always begins with the application of a disinfectant to the entire surface of the feet. A softening gel is applied over it, which will help remove the stratum corneum of the skin.

Cuticle treatment. To process the cuticle, the smallest nozzle of the apparatus is used, with which the master, with light hand movements, pushes the unnecessary layer of skin to the base of the nail.

Polishing the nail. To process the nail plate and the skin of the feet, the master uses special grinding tips made of white stone.

Skin hydration. After careful processing of nails and feet by polishing, the master removes the remaining gel with the help of cotton pads or napkins. Then a moisturizer is applied to the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Final stage. Oil is rubbed into the nail plate and skin of the feet. At the same time, the master performs massage movements. After that, a strengthening varnish is applied to the nails. After it dries, a special powder is applied to the feet so that the foot does not slip.

Regular pedicure procedures will help you maintain the beauty of your feet. In addition to nail care, you will also receive a complete relaxation session.

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