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Forget laziness and delete from life

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Everyone in life has moments, then “hunting, worse than bondage”, then “to death laziness”. There are also whole periods of continuous idleness, apathy and indifference to everything in the world. From day to day I don’t want to do anything, everything is postponed for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the next month.  Being in a state of fabulous Emelya, every lazy person surely dreams of a magic pike or wand that will do everything for him in the best possible way. But from time to time, even the most notorious loafer thinks that life passes somehow quickly, but by. The fact that the house is a constant mess and thoughts are full of negativity. And you have to somehow get out of the viscous swamp of doing nothing, otherwise it’s already become too lazy. How to break the vicious circle, how to overcome laziness, how to forget empty regrets and start a happy, active life – many want to know. And a lot of smart books and scientific articles have been written with dozens of ways to fight laziness, fight with yourself.

Some advise learning to give yourself orders and force yourself to do everything consistently, sensibly, with feeling, with alignment.  Others recommend coming up with a reward system and rewarding yourself for every victory over laziness. Some experts, on the contrary, urge not to fight idleness and assure that laziness is not a vice: lazy people do not waste energy, live longer, do not harm nature by their inaction and create heaven on earth. But still laziness is a vice. Vice of the soul. Lazy people are unhappy, lost, their hearts are heavy. However, often apathy and inaction do not come just like that, some situation or mistake may have preceded it, but everything is fixable. How to overcome laziness?

Let go of feelings and stop covering up with laziness what you want to forget. Stop cherishing and grooming your laziness, forget about it and direct all your energy and strength to what is really needed for a fulfilling life. Open your eyes to the world around you, change your beliefs and are not afraid to look for answers to emerging questions. Think positively, think about good, kindness, let faith and hope into your heart and additional forces will appear, and all goals will be achieved and the desired will come true.

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