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Features of the choice of ceramic tiles

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Today, a huge number of people prefer ceramic tiles, with which they finish their bathroom. Moreover, it cannot be said that the performance of the decorative function of this material is the main direction.

In fact, such a tile provides reliable protection of the surface from the adverse effects of high humidity, characteristic of this room. As a result, ceramic tiles have a positive effect on human health.

Preference should be given to such ceramic tiles, which have a good indicator of water resistance. Information about this is always contained in the relevant documentation, which can be requested at any time from the building materials store where the tiles are sold. It is also worth noting that if the product designation is distinguished by the presence of two letters “A”, then such ceramic tiles are considered the most reliable. Currently, atlas concorde tiles are rightfully considered one of the highest quality, as their reliability is the highest. You can learn about this from the numerous reviews of people who have already used such tiles.

It is best to choose a ceramic tile that is large in size. This is due to the fact that in this case the number of cement joints is significantly reduced compared to a small tile. And for rooms in which there is high humidity, this feature is really a huge advantage. Moisture has a negative effect on the tile seams with which the tiles are fastened. As a result, there is a risk that the tile will not last for a long time, and this is always highly undesirable. In the event that the dimensions of the material are large, then this risk is practically reduced to zero.

Finally, it is not recommended to purchase a tile on which a person can easily slip, as this is fraught with injury. Naturally, this applies to those cases when it comes to finishing the flooring, which is typical for the bathroom.

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