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Fashionable skirts spring-summer 2014

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Fashionable skirts spring-summer 2014

When winter wears off with a monochrome landscape, many girls will want to look spectacular. Skirts will allow you to change your look every day. One skirt can be combined with different blouses and blouses and be different. Fashion designers offer a variety of shapes and colors for the coming spring. Some of them remain from the previous season and even from last year. This fact will please economical fashionistas.

About the latest trends.

Many designers demonstrated leather skirts of various lengths and styles, hinting at the country style. If you like to wear leather, then a mid-knee skirt that fits your figure will look most advantageous. There is a desire to surprise others? Buy a semi-solar leather skirt. She will fascinate everyone if a pattern is embossed on her.

Trendy colors of skirts spring-summer 2014.

Spring is the time for the awakening of all living things, and in unison with nature, fashion designers offer to adhere to delicate colors. Very fashionable skirts in the spring of 2014 will be white and beige.

Length of skirts spring-summer 2014.

Girls, both with short legs, and with long, thin and not so, this spring it will be possible to choose the right length without compromising fashion. While trends tend to move away from mini. Maxi gain comfort, now there is no need for the skirt to be “on the floor”, it will become easier to walk! It is recommended to wear such skirts with cropped tops. Long pleated skirts travel from season to season and do not lose their relevance. They are best paired with oversized sweaters.

Fashionable styles of skirts spring-summer 2014.

At the peak of relevance in the 50s of the twentieth century. These skirts must be worn with a strap, and the top should not be bulky. Designers did not ignore the pencil skirt. She can be so versatile. In the spring, it is permissible to wear such a bright-colored skirt with a high waist. You can choose a “pencil” with lace trim, then a velvet jacket is designed to complement the outfit.

The tutu skirt will reach the peak of its relevance. Fashion designers also offered her in their winter collections, but the climatic conditions of our country allow her to be worn only in spring. Skirt length can be any. She looks girlishly gentle and to further emphasize the weightlessness of this thing, wear it with a leather jacket. Fashionable skirts spring-summer 2014 is a mixture of styles and textures.

In many cuts, the addition in the form of a smell looks good. Let it be only a decor, not a true smell, but it is also relevant. If your figure is impeccable and voluminous things look good on you, then you can dare to wear a draped skirt.

Drawings on skirts spring-summer 2014.

Checkered skirts of various widths do not need to be hidden in the closet, they are still fashionable. Geometric prints prevail in more strict styles, while romantic flared skirts look interesting with large floral motifs.

As you can see, the choice is diverse and finding the right skirt is not difficult. In the spring you will be irresistible and attractive!

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