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Fashion trends: current haircuts and hairstyles for the New Year holidays

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Holidays are just around the corner, so it would be appropriate to discuss the topic of hairstyles and haircuts, because not only ladies, but also representatives of the stronger sex often want to look spectacular and stylish at a friendly party or corporate party. Let’s not forget about children’s matinees, beautifully styled hair will allow girls to be fairy princesses, and boys to be charming cavaliers or brave superheroes.

Fashion trends this season

Let’s touch directly on the fashion trends of this season. The elegant bob still has not lost its relevance. If you are already the owner of this cute haircut, it will not be out of place to curl it – such a playful look will refresh and diversify an established trend. In short haircuts, there should be an emphasis on elongated to the face, possibly wavy, strands. Thick hair below the shoulders will be decorated with dense bangs no higher than the eyebrows, which will favorably emphasize the eyes.

In hairstyles for long hair, all types of braids and weaves are still widely used. If you didn’t manage to get to your favorite hairdresser on the eve of events or sign up in advance at the salon, you can always find a video guide on how to create such a simple hairstyle with your own hands, and to complete it, use fashion accessories. Ribbons, headbands, flowers and hairpins that are especially suitable for your outfit will help decorate your hair.

If you understand that you are not capable of performing the perfect hairstyle, then a hairdresser can come to you at home in Moscow, who will definitely cope with any, even difficult, task for a small amount. You should not save on his services, because your appearance and mood throughout the holiday will depend on the quality of the work done.

Men need to be stylish too

In men’s hairstyles, the universal “Undercat” still does not give up its positions – the haircut is quite short at the temples, with a brightly accentuated voluminous bang. With it, you can vary the styling, creating a different style according to your mood. The classic “Canadian” will also remain relevant, in which the bangs are also lengthened. Of the very short, sporty options, it is better to give preference to a “hedgehog” about a centimeter long. Medium and long haircuts take on almost classic forms, the effect of “dirty hair” will add brutality to the look. It is important that a feature of the trend of this season is a clean-shaven face – the usual “stubble” is a thing of the past. Just like from children’s fashion (for boys), shaved drawings come out.

In general, a slight negligence and chaos promise to reign in the world of hairstyles next year, so if you have long wanted to experiment and “try on” creativity, it’s time to decide, but do not forget, of course, about the individual characteristics of your appearance and hair, listen to the opinion stylist, so as not to spoil the celebration for himself and the master.

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