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Dressing style is not so expensive

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In some ancient tribes, matriarchy as an image of the structure of the social system was not only legalized, but also gave quite noticeable results. However, there were no claims to the supremacy of those women who, in principle, managed to break through to the very top of power, even under the already established patriarchy, and even already in its completely civilized manifestation. Suffice it to recall one Cleopatra – the wisest of queens, who, alas, was never given the opportunity to show her wisdom in all its glory … But in later history, no less significant times can be found – Elizabeth, Queen of England, Catherine II, Queen of Russia … and the list can be continued by anyone with any interest in history.

How are things today

But here’s the problem… the modern system, which, based on the ancient classification, assumes precisely patriarchy, seems to recognize the right of a woman not only to self-determination, but also to occupy key government posts… But on one condition – a woman must be really beautiful. Well, or, at least, who knows how to present herself, who has her own sense of style, who knows how to dress according to the rank of the event to which she was invited, and so on … That is, a maximum of requirements is put forward, the totality of which corresponds to only a few. Well, when it comes to politics, this, in principle, is normal, but if the question concerns only the ability of a woman to give herself in a high society ..

Why is the lady who is able to support the conversation about female fashion in particular and about the news in the world of fashion in general, which can recommend shops where you can purchase fashionable clothes for both women and men who can tell how to buy on AliExpress (one of the the largest trading floors that provide the opportunity to buy fashionable clothes from leading world brands), in society is always called “blonde”? After all, she, in fact, can probably talk about politics and the economy – she simply does not provide such an opportunity.

Style is so expensive?

Most women with a really wonderful sense of style, in fact, are quite rare on such evenings. Like, the outfit is expensive, and all that … In fact, if this is the only argument, you should not attach much importance to it – you can buy a lot of things on Chinese Internet sites that will not differ in quality from the products of leading European manufacturers. In the end, those products that are sewn in at least some mass order are still Chinese production, which is definitely not a reason for complexes, given that most of the world-famous brands locate their production facilities in China. Naturally, the equipment is different, the technologies are different, the principles of training are different.

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