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Dental treatment during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, there is a lack of calcium in the body of a woman. First of all, this problem affects the oral cavity.

If caries is formed during this period, or inflammation of the gums is observed, then this can really adversely affect the fetus. After all, infectious processes accompany the release of toxins. And once in the digestive tract or blood, these toxins will first of all poison the woman from the inside. To combat this, the pregnant woman spends additional forces.

Dental treatment during childbearing

To date, doctors say that it is possible to treat teeth during childbearing. You need to contact the dentist several times for a preventive examination during the bearing of a child. These are just precautions to be taken. Indeed, due to a lack of vitamin C and calcium in the body, teeth can be affected by caries much faster than usual.

In addition, gum bleeding is often observed during this period. To prevent this problem, you should consult your dentist. Most likely, he will offer the pregnant woman to change her usual toothpaste for therapeutic and prophylactic.

When to See a Dentist During Pregnancy

While expecting a baby, a woman should schedule visits to the dentist at least 4 times during her pregnancy:

the first time – at 6-8 weeks;

the second time – at 16-18 weeks;

the third time – at 26-28 weeks;

fourth time – at 35-38 weeks.

The main thing is to prevent the development of inflammatory and chronic processes.

Dental treatment with anesthesia

It should be remembered that if during dental treatment you can do without the use of painkillers, then it is better to refuse it.

On the other hand, each woman’s pain threshold is different. And if severe pain is felt during treatment, then anesthesia must be used. If the belly of a pregnant woman is still invisible, then the dentist should be informed about her pregnancy. In this case, he will select a special anesthetic. As a rule, they are used for allergy sufferers and pregnant women. It does not affect the fetus in any way. Of course, its effect will be slightly weaker than the usual painkiller.

Unwanted dental procedures during pregnancy

x-ray. Doctors say that this procedure should not be carried out while carrying a child, because excess exposure during this period will not benefit the child. But if such a procedure is extremely necessary, then it is best to use radiovisiographs. The level of radiation from them is less than from conventional X-ray machines.

Extraction of teeth. It is necessary to remember, the teeth can only be removed if there is an acute pain. After all, it is then that there is a possibility of inflammation, which can threaten the appearance of pus in the canals of the tooth.

Otherwise, this procedure is best done after childbirth.

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