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Choosing the best bathrobe

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Choosing the best bathrobe

A warm bathrobe is an indispensable thing after a bath or bath. On the modern market you can find a wide variety of options, both male and female, as well as children’s and “unisex”. In everyday life, we call them terry, but it’s more correct to talk about two types of such bathrobes: pile and terry.

Pile dressing gowns are less warm, they do not absorb moisture as much, but at the same time they are very comfortable, the fabric “breathes” in them, and the villi gently massage the body. Some prefer them when worn not only after a shower, but also on cool days.

A terry dressing gown is heavier, but it perfectly absorbs moisture from the skin. It’s perfect for warming up after a bath with your feet up on the couch.

What to look for when choosing a terry bathrobe


Firstly, bathrobes differ in the density of the material.

It is unlikely that you will study numbers, but perhaps this knowledge will be useful to you.

If you see on the label:

Up to 250 gm – this means a low density of loops;

250-320 gm.sq. – means medium density, fabric using untwisted single loops;

320-450 gm.sq. – high-density fabrics using untwisted double loops, the most pleasant to the touch, soft and fluffy;

The most dense and wearable – from 450 to 600gm.sq. They lose their appearance less, but do not have softness, like the rest.

Secondly, the length of the villi.

Ideally, if the gown has a lint length of about 5 mm. Materials with excessively long fibers quickly lose their appearance.

Thirdly, the composition.

It is preferable when plant fibers of bamboo, soy or aloe vera are 70% with a proportion of cotton – 30%.

Fourth, smell.

A pungent smell indicates the unnaturalness of the dyes or the threads themselves. When worn on a wet body, it can only intensify. It can hardly be considered pleasant and useful.

And finally, the fifth quality requirement is color uniformity. First of all, it speaks about the level of production.

As for the appearance of the product – its color, style and length, it all depends solely on your preferences. But it’s worth remembering:

Bathrobe should be voluminous and long enough. It’s great if he has a hood that protects his head from temperature changes.

Too bright and large drawings will quickly tire you and your loved ones. However, color drawings create an additional mood. For more relaxation, try to choose more delicate colors.

Men prefer classic blues, burgundy, black and white combinations or boxer-like robes.

But the most important thing is, of course, your comfort and your feelings.

Ivanovo “Golden Fleece” is recognized as a long-standing leader in the production of bathrobes. You don’t even have to try to find better, more beautiful and durable things. And it’s easy to find them online. By dialing no37, you can choose your favorite robe or make a great gift for your loved ones.

Happy shopping!

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