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Choose a parquet installer

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As a floor covering for their home, many inhabitants choose a parquet board – the material is very stylish, beautiful and unpretentious in care. This natural material brings an atmosphere of special comfort to any home, and the fact that it has a fairly high permeability and can be laid in absolutely any room makes the parquet board even more in demand in hardware stores.

High-quality laying of parquet boards on your own can be carried out only if you are well aware of the specifics of this type of work and you have all the tools and fixtures necessary for this. Otherwise, you should not save on such a process and it is best to seek help from an experienced specialist who will perform the work with the highest quality and within the deadlines strictly specified by you.

To begin with, you should find a company for which the laying of parquet boards is the main field of activity. Ideally, this company should have been operating in the construction market for a sufficient number of years and provide its customers with the services of professional craftsmen with a long work experience. In order to find out how well this or that master works, you can read the reviews of other customers, often posted on the company’s website. You should choose a master thoroughly, any mistake in his work will lead to deformation of the parquet board, reducing its performance. That is why it is so important to choose a company that gives a guarantee on the work of its craftsmen.

An experienced craftsman will explain to you the main stages of his work, tell you how to properly prepare the floor for laying parquet boards, and tell you how to prepare the board itself for work. For example, few of the customers know that the purchased parquet board cannot be unpacked for a couple of days before laying, so that it can lie in this form at room temperature for at least 48 hours. Make sure that the master laying the board came to you with all the necessary tools, if he does not have even the most basic tools with him, refuse his services immediately.

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