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Ceramic tiles and floor tiles

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Ceramic tiles are considered the best roofing in the world in all respects. The material consists of fired clay, to which a dye is added, which makes the clay even more durable.

Below we will consider in detail the advantages of this type of roofing.

Aesthetic appearance

Many very wealthy people choose ceramic tiles as their roofing. This is understandable, because it is hardly possible to find something more beautiful for the roof. Dark brown color looks great from afar and up close. This shade makes a house with a chocolate roof.


In addition to aesthetic qualities, ceramic tiles have incredible durability, of course, in Czechoslovakia or Germany, where the climate is much milder than in Russia. But don’t be afraid! Russian aristocrats have long tested such a roof empirically. And now scientists have proved that ceramic tiles can withstand 120 severe frosts without any special overloads, t.e. 120 winters.

Thermal conductivity

Despite the fact that the size of the tile is small, it is quite heavy. The density and thickness of the tile allows it to easily repel even Siberian frosts.


All thanks to the same mass, ceramic tiles do not vibrate and do not have the effect of an inflated parachute compared to lighter roofs. This is even more attractive to builders of the second floor or attic, where soundproofing is even more important.

impact resistance

In addition to the above properties, this tile is able to withstand impact. According to Czech research, the material is able to withstand more than 270 kilograms of pressure at one point.

fire resistance

This quality is especially pleasing to summer residents and those who build houses in nature. Each owner of a country house wants to be sure that while he is working in the city, his villa or cottage will not ignite from accidental heat, from the scorching sun or from wiring in the attic that caught fire.

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