Home Furniture Buying a log house in Smolensk from the company “Northern Forest”

Buying a log house in Smolensk from the company “Northern Forest”

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Buying a log house in Smolensk from the company “Northern Forest”

If you do not have the financial opportunity to purchase a turnkey house, then in this case the best solution would be to purchase the foundation, and after that to carry out the necessary finishing work. It is best to buy a log house in Smolensk, since the city itself has an excellent location, so the cost of delivery to any place will not be too high, which is considered an obvious advantage for every person. Among builders, coniferous trees are especially popular, since this is how the reliability, quality and practicality of the entire construction process is ensured. And it is the company “Northern Forest” that uses only the best materials for its work.

The masters of the company presented above use only correctly selected logs that correspond to the tasks at a high level. And if they determined that the material is not suitable in accordance with certain qualities for use in one piece, then in this case it is suitable for the manufacture of edged or planed material. Thanks to this approach, a large assortment with relevant properties is provided, so each buyer independently decides what exactly to choose for him to carry out the construction process.

Rounded or planed log?

If you want to build a house on a turnkey basis, then the question arises, what material is best used to complete the work??

A rounded log is distinguished by the fact that heavy class turning and milling machines with the appropriate parameters are used to create it. With their help, the top layer is removed from the wood, and this is done until the shape of a regular cylinder with all the necessary properties is obtained. And only after that milling is carried out to obtain mounting grooves.

As for a planed log, in this case the material is pressed, polished and specially processed with a planer to obtain the desired shape.

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