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Building technology in winter

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Construction in the winter brings with it a certain number of difficulties. For example, reduced daylight hours, difficulty working with concrete. Difficulties certainly exist, but this does not mean at all. That with the onset of winter it is necessary to finish the construction. Modern technologies are developing rapidly, and these technologies make it possible to engage in construction in the winter. In addition, in winter, construction companies experience a significant decline in orders, which entails the provision of various discounts. Companies strive to get orders by providing bonuses, discounts, promotions. This is a good argument to continue building in the winter. Can save a lot.

Work with the earth in the cold season, of course, is difficult to perform. But there is a technology that allows you to warm up the soil and start digging a foundation pit. After that, the construction of the foundation begins. There are special antifreeze additives for concrete, with which you can work at temperatures up to minus 25 degrees.

Concrete heated to 90 degrees can be placed in the formwork at temperatures up to minus 5 degrees. There is another way to electrically heat concrete using electrodes. Ceramic emitters, heating elements. You can also heat the formwork with electricity instead of concrete. Usually in construction a combined method is used. T.e. combine, for example, the use of antifreeze additives and electrical heating. This allows you to get the best result. You can also make a foundation using metal piles. Their service life is guaranteed up to 40 years.

After the foundation is ready, you can begin to build walls. Here we also use heating antifreeze additives. Well, if the house is built wooden, then it is generally better to build it in winter. Because the walls will have to sett. If the shrinkage occurs in winter, this is even better, then the tree cracks much less and it happens evenly. In the summer it will be possible to calmly engage in finishing work.

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