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Being beautiful is easy!

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Main quality!

An undoubted help for the fair sex is cosmetics, its entire huge range, from daily day and night care creams to decorative “helpers” (such as powder, blush, lipstick and other products designed to make a lady more attractive). How to understand that the cosmetics you have chosen meet the standards and do no harm?

There are some simple rules to follow.

one. It is not worth “buying” in the markets and from dubious sellers who do not have quality certificates for their goods. Cosmetics may be counterfeit. It is better to purchase products in stores or specialized departments of large shopping centers.

2. Pay attention to product packaging. It must be complete and undamaged.

3. Full information about the manufacturer and a barcode, as well as the company logo, must be present on boxes with high-quality cosmetics and perfumes.

four. The high price, of course, is also an indicator of quality. But often consumers succumb to the temptation and lay out huge amounts of money without thinking that they are paying for a name, a well-known brand, for the cost of advertising invested in the promotion of this brand. But there are excellent domestic cosmetics of time-tested companies. Do not neglect it, especially if your wealth is not very large.

To not look ridiculous

A few words about decorative means. What to be guided by when choosing them and how to use such cosmetics correctly?

one. Do not forget that daytime and evening makeup are two different things. For example, iridescent glitter eyeshadow is not suitable for a work environment, but will look great in combination with a festive outfit in a cafe or club.

2. The foundation is used to mask minor defects (wrinkles, freckles, age spots, redness) and to give the skin a velvety look and a uniform color. Choose a tone as close as possible to your skin tone (that is, if you are dark, the shade “ivory” is definitely not for you!).

3. The best lipstick option – with a moisturizing and caring effect. This remedy slows down the aging of the lips. Choose the color that suits you. During the day, it is enough to apply only a lip gloss of natural shades, and save the “juicy” defiant tones for the evening.

four. Choose a mascara depending on what you want to achieve: increase in volume or lengthening of the cilia. There are also multifunctional mascaras. Silicone brushes are now very common, perfectly separating eyelashes.

Cosmetics has been known to mankind since time immemorial, it was skillfully used by the inhabitants of ancient Rome and Egypt in the era of Cleopatra. Modern achievements in this area help, if not to achieve the ideal, then at least get closer to it. Do not neglect makeup and always remain charming!

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